Martin Casper - JLS 6/2015Martin Casper, the founder and chief visionary of Urban62, provides online copywriting, and social media mentoring to a diverse group of business professionals enabling them to successfully drive traffic to their web portals and break through the challenges of creating financial success on a consistent basis.

Martin’s creative entrepreneurial mindset has enabled him to successfully develop businesses with multiple income streams.  As the chief visionary for Urban62, Martin provides social media & marketing solutions to; entrepreneurs and business professionals that will empower them to successfully grow their business.

Martin feels very strongly that one of the main goals of Urban62 is to; “Help others break through their mental barriers and discover where their passions lie”.  To do this successfully, you must create simple strategies that empower them to visualize themselves in the positive.

Martin is also an award winning blogger as noted by


Martin’s specialties include: Copyriting | Social Media Mentoring | Blogging | Content Development.


“Find out what you are passionate about and commit to embracing that passion fully.  When that happens, you will reach the tipping point of momentum.”   –   Martin Casper


“People don’t plan to fail…they just fail to plan.”