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Successful entrepreneurs and business professionals fully embrace the empowering “iREADIT” strategies.  They are thought leaders and innovators.  They are on the forefront of the way that business models evolve and they do not hesitate to center-stage their strategies.

What is iREADIT?  It is an acronym that is based on a concept developed by Martin Casper, a writer and serial entrepreneur, which gives entrepreneurs and business professionals a scalable strategy for layering success.

  • Inform

  • Re-Connect

  • Educate

  • Analyze

  • Develop

  • Integrate

  • Transform

iREADIT Strategies Empower You With a Pathway to Success.


Why are iREADIT Strategies so Empowering?

Here’s why…everything in life begins with the ability to inform.  The platform of iREADIT begins with information.  Our lives continually evolve around that need for information.

As entrepreneurs and business professionals, we must be laser focused on providing information that is valuable and accurate.  Information must deliver value.  We call that the “Value Added Benefit” or VAB.  Today’s clients are savvy and sophisticated.  They are doing research online about you and your company, prior to engaging in any conversation.  They have their parameters locked on in the direction they wish to go.  Entrepreneurs and business professionals must inform in a way that project value and competence.  This is crucial to sustaining long-term success.

Are you harnessing the power of the re-connect?  After you have completed the sale, do you take time to reach out to past clients and demonstrate a real interest in their lives?

The most successful entrepreneurs and business professionals do not neglect this simple, yet powerful strategy to retain clients and gain referrals.  From more traditional techniques like sending a postcard to newer strategies that leverage social media and digital marketing, entrepreneurs and business professionals who scale their business off iREADIT strategies rarely neglect to address the re-connect.

If information is power, then education is one of the platforms to disseminate that power.  iREADIT entrepreneurs and business professionals understand the importance of educating:

  • Their colleagues

  • Their clientele

  • Themselves

Proper education builds knowledge, confidence, clarity, and helps avoid errors in business.  Entrepreneurs and business professionals who practice iREADIT strategies have a clear understanding of the power and purpose of proper education.  They educate for success.  Is education a vital aspect of your business development?  Do you educate those around you to empower their future?


Analyze Your Success…Seems Like a “No-Brainer”…


How do you measure your success?  Do you measure it in terms of your ROI…the “return on investment”?  Maybe you measure your success by your personal growth?  What is your definition of success?

There is only one way to answer these and numerous other questions that have a direct effect on your business.  It is through a proper and thorough analysis of your marketing plan and whether the strategies employed are profitable.

Entrepreneurs and business professionals, who quantitatively and qualitatively analyze their business and are employing iREADIT strategies, will be able to discern whether or not their marketing plan is effective.  Once the analysis is complete, they will be able to adjust their marketing plan accordingly in order to drive market share and leverage success.  These are critical keys to a successful business.

You have completed your analysis.  Now it is time to develop the plan.  Now is the time to create that winning strategy.   iREADIT entrepreneurs and business professionals laser focus their efforts to develop their plan for success.  Here is where you plan your work.  The iREADIT strategy implements an active approach to plan development, followed up by an aggressive integration.  This is where the rubber hits the road.

If you have been implementing the iREADIT strategies to this point, it will be almost impossible for you to not continue in a positive direction.  The value in this strategy screams of success.  The iREADIT business model will give you a high level of confidence as you garner through each step of the process.


It’s Time For a Big Momentum Shift! Time to ignite the iREADIT fuse.


It is time to integrate.  Time to work the plan that you have analyzed and developed.  You are becoming a believer.  You are beginning to immerse yourself in iREADIT confidence.  A confidence that becomes self-sustaining.

When you reach this level of self-sustaining confidence, you are well on the road to winning.  You have been implementing iREADIT strategies through a system of measured and layered success, culminating in a scalable formula that produces measurable results.  What happens next, is empowering.  The big momentum shift has begun and it is a mind shift that will transform you.

The mind shift that iREADIT entrepreneurs and business professionals experience, becomes a part of their mantra that transforms and empowers them to new levels of success.  This success is derived from taking the necessary steps to employ these strategies as part of their daily routine.  It becomes a system of belief that is self-sustaining and is scalable.

What happens next depends on how far you want to push the envelope.  Success was attained on the day that you chose to put into play the iREADIT strategies.  The mind shift and the transformation were the result.  You have the power and the ability within.  Are you ready to unleash it?  Unleash it today the iREADIT way, and empower your business to a level of success that you never thought possible!

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