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Urban62 Marketing provides marketing copy for businesses specializing in the fitness and health care industries. Marketing copy that is persuasive. Marketing copy that enables those businesses to drive more traffic and increase sales.

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Urban62 Marketing is passionate about providing their clientele with persuasive marketing copy that helps to grow their business. We believe that a strong client-based relationship is a fundamental key to developing sound marketing copy.

Urban62 Marketing has the capability to craft marketing copy for numerous industries. Our strength lies in focusing on our passion...the Fitness and Health Care industries. Our clients have confidence that we are the copywriting experts in Fitness and Health Care.

We take a focused approach to your business needs. Before any project begins, we research your company...your products...your services. We look at your marketing...paying close attention to what is bringing you success. We also want to see what has not been successful.

We analyze your do they market themselves? Do they have a niche? What makes them stand out in the crowd? Where does their success lie? These are important elements to consider when crafting your marketing copy.

Some of the specialized services that Urban62 Marketing provides for the Fitness and Health Care industries include:

  • Web Copy
  • Newsletters
  • Public Relations
  • Press Releases
  • Content Marketing Strategies
  • Email Campaigns

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When Urban62 Marketing completes your will be confident that your marketing will enable to you to engage with confidence, drive traffic and increase sales.

“One of the most powerful elements that enables you to be a successful writer is clearly understanding the solution to the problem that your audience faces, prior to you initiating any contact with them.” Martin Casper

“A successful writing campaign is built upon creativity, as well as tactics and strategies powered by diligent research.” Martin Casper

“Communication is the life of any relationship. Used properly, it is the conduit to success.” Martin Casper

I've been fortunate enough to work with Martin for over 10 years and he is truly talented! He is able to take something very plain and turn it into a work of art. He can do this with anything that he is tasked with!

Martin is honest, hard-working with tremendous follow-through...something that is hard to find in this industry.

Martin has influenced my business in amazing ways...ways that I could not have achieved without his guidance. He takes pride in seeing your business grow. I truly feel like I have a "partner" when working with Martin!

Lindsey Butler, Realtor
Team Leader for Homehelper Consultants
Keller Williams Realty Southwest - Las Vegas


Martin Casper

Founder and Chief Visionary

Martin brought Spike, his pet Pomeranian, out of the urban lifestyle of Las Vegas to live in rural southern Oregon near Highway 62. That move sparked the beginning of Urban62 Marketing...the rest is history.

These days finds Martin leveraging his expertise as an AWAI professionally trained crafting persuasive marketing copy for the fitness industry. Martin began his fitness journey early in life...through bodybuilding with a crossover mix of cardio-fitness.

A former health care provider...Martin clearly understood the need to maintain a strict diet. However, Martin allowed his busy lifestyle to get in the way of being careful with his diet. That lack of a strict diet gave way to weight gain, along with increasing levels of Cholesterol and Triglycerides.

Martin found himself 25 pounds overweight as well as taking medications to lower his Cholesterol and Triglycerides. The tipping point came when his doctor said that she wanted him to double the dose of his Cholesterol medicine. Martin walked out the door of the doctor's office with the mindset that there were going to be no more drugs. His diet was going to change...dramatically. He was going back to his fitness roots!

Daily "Green Smoothies" were incorporated. Martin went on the McDougall diet...a plant-based, low fat lifestyle diet. Coach Mark Divine's Seal-Fit training was incorporated. Within two months, Martin lost 25 pounds and his labs normalized.

Martin's passion for crafting persuasive marketing copy for the fitness industry is clearly evident when you meet him. Martin hopes that sharing his story will inspire others to be proactive about improving their lifestyle, through proper diet and fitness training.

When Martin is not crafting the latest in persuasive marketing copy for the fitness industry, he might be found sharing down time with his wife, Judy, where they will be engaging in high performance fitness training, hiking, skiing or exploring their newest passion...learning the art of photography.



Pet Pomeranian

Bodyguard "Emeritus"

Spike spends most of his days in the office, sleeping in his various corners. Spike wakes up long enough to work on crafting his persuasive techniques so he can get more treats. Spike used to run all around the office, but is best known for allowing others to perfect their "belly rubbing" techniques.

When Spike is out of the office...he unplugs and continues his office routine while in offline mode.


Judy Casper

Copy Editor & Health Care Expert

Judy brings incredible insights and expertise to Urban62 Marketing. Judy has over 30 years of diversified hands-on experience in Health Information Management (HIM) with a primary concentration in the acute care field of medicine. Some of Judy's expertise includes:

  • Consulting to hospitals and nursing homes in the areas of medical coding and compliance.
  • Management of employees, budgets and the general operation of hospital HIM departments.
  • ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding validation, auditing and support.
  • Training and education of HIM and coding staff.
  • Bachelor of Science in Medical Record Administration.
  • Masters in Public Health
  • AHIMA Approved ICD-10 CM/PCS Trainer

Judy brings another unique element to our team that sets her apart from many other experts. Judy has a keen and insightful perspective when engaging those around her. Judy's ability to be totally present and focused with others gives her a unique ability to connect and engage.

Judy provides a refreshing style of crisp, clear marketing copy. This style coupled with an excellent command of basic writing skills, gives Urban62 Marketing the perfect person to edit and review all copy prior to submission. Judy's editorial review further builds credibility with each client.

A former marathoner, Judy still loves to get out and "hit the road". She has added high performance fitness training, hiking, skiing and a passion for photography to the balance out her life.

Just a few of the many reasons why Judy, Martin and Spike make the perfect copywriting team...on and off the computer.

Martin and Judy are not doctors. They are not (in any way) suggesting that you stop taking any medication. Always consult with your personal physician on any lifestyle changes. Martin's results should not be assumed to be typical.

Martin is a dynamic, wonderful, and knowledgeable professional with great insight into social networking systems. Martin not only knows Facebook, Google+, and every other social media platform, but he’s very genuine in the way he gives insights. He speaks “with” his clients, not at them, and is very engaging and thoughtful. Martin explains aspects of Social Media in layman’s terms so the average person can truly understand. He’s an asset to any company, business owner, and or any person looking to become successful in social media.

Kenneth Manesse Sr.
Micro-Entrepreneur Specialist & Coach | Providing “Skills” to Micro-Entrepreneurs that want to THRIVE and join the 5%

Martin Casper…with Urban62 Marketing is a true wordsmith!! He takes descriptive narrative and the use of the English language to new levels! Martin has crafted numerous marketing narratives for my real estate team. The results are always amazing.

Martin is very responsive and very diligent. If you are looking for someone to write up the best narrative for your product or service...he is your guy! Just give him basic facts or details. He will turn it into a compelling narrative...motivating the client to call you for more information!

Doug Morse, Principal Broker
#1 Broker in Southern Oregon with over $50 Million in Closed Transactions
John L. Scott Real Estate

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