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When I Said This…My Business Success Coach Rolled His Eyes!

I get a little crazy when I see individuals who have talent but refuse to follow through!  My business success coach just sat there and looked at me.  He then proceeded to roll his eyes and laugh. I was stunned…he was amused.  It really bothered me.  I really did not understand why a colleague of…

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Secret Key to Building a Tribe…

Buried For Over 2000 Years! Entrepreneur recently discovers the long lost key to building a a successful tribe of followers has been lying buried in biblical history! You want to create a massive tribe of followers, right?  You want to develop an email list that provides long-term growth…    You are stuck and not sure…

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Work Hard…So You Can Play Even Harder!

Are YOU tired of working 80 hrs a week? YOU deserve better…YOU owe it to YOURSELF! It is TIME to work hard…so YOU can play harder! YOU have challenges…WE have solutions! Contact US right now… #hustle #alwayspushthrough #workhardplayharder #success#millionairemindset #unleashthebeastwithin

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Weird Technique That Peels Fat Off Your Body!…(HIIT Fitness Training)

High-Intensity-Interval-Training (HIIT fitness training).  Now that is a tongue-twisting mouthful for sure! Is this just another New Year’s resolution fad?  Could this be a better way to train your body? HIIT fitness training is a type of interval training that alternates short periods of intense exercise with short recovery periods.  They are usually less than…

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How Four Weird Books Changed Me…Forever!

The Funnel Hacker Life

Four weird books did this to me…It really happened! Back in December…this is an actual photo of what happened when I received my Click Funnels books in the mail! I still get amped up over them! I have a whole library of books by Russell Brunson… Expert Secrets Dotcom Secrets The Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook 30…

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My CrossFit Life…The Ups and Downs of Modification!

My CrossFit Journey… Despite being in a protective boot and modifying just about every CrossFit workout for the past three weeks…I get more bad news! A repeat visit to my Podiatrist and a MRI of my foot tells the story.  I am told that I have two stress fractures in my foot and will have…

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Weird Secret Gets You Hired…Perfect For Your Resume!

Are you frustrated with your job search? Is your resume preventing you from getting an interview? You spent numerous late night hours, preparing your RESUME and cover letter. You send out your RESUME over and over again…too many times to count, and no one EVER responds back? Rude, eh? Sound like a familiar story? I…

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You Are Missing…The Three Little Known Secrets to Success!

Just recently discovered…they have been hidden in the Bible, for thousands of years! Secrets so powerful…that only the most influential individuals have been able to access them, until now!  These three secrets to success have been so closely guarded, that your business coach probably doesn’t even know they exist! These three secrets hold the keys to success. Influencers, Power…

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Business Guru Spills His Weird Secret to Avoid Working!

Never before heard… My business guru just spilled a long-held secret of his.  He shared with me how he successfully avoided work…and still got paid! Have you ever heard that job stands for Just Over Broke?    If you think about it…the majority of Americans who have jobs, are just over broke.  Why do people…

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