The “Short Version” of Short Sales…

25.07.2009 in Real Estate

There is so much confusion and outright misinformation in the market place with regards to “loan modification”, “short sales”, and “foreclosure”. It is amazing the lack of education the public is receiving.  I am going to briefly layout some concepts to clear up some misinformation….

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Short Sales And Tax Implications

13.05.2009 in Real Estate

If you are considering a real estate short sale of your home, be prepared to receive a form 1099-C for the amount of the lender’s losses. In the eyes of the IRS, this is considered “loan forgiveness”. You may be responsible to pay ordinary taxes…

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Short Sale…Is There An Upside?

11.05.2009 in Real Estate

In this day of real estate market crashes and you owe more than what your home is valued at, you might qualify for a legal, lender approved solution known as a Short Sale. This can be accomplished by negotiating with your lender to accept a…

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The Young and Empowered Real Estate Investor

26.04.2009 in Real Estate

Today’s young and Empowered real estate investor’s are very internet savvy. Some refer tho them as “Internet Empowered Consumers” (IEC). This group, born no earlier than the 1980’s are also known as “Generation Y”. They have a different mind set than older generations. They were…

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Time to Buy…Housing Market at Historic Lows…

22.04.2009 in Real Estate

With the current contraction in our global economy spurned by the housing bubble, housing prices are at 10 year lows. Mortgage rates have fallen to rates we have not seen in over a decade. Currently, there is an incentive plan for first time buyers (individuals…

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Profit From Foreclosures Part 2

09.04.2009 in Real Estate

In my last post we discussed how the single biggest advantage associated with REO’s is the fact that equity can be created instantly either by finding a hot deal or through shrewd negotiation. There is no one telling the bank that they owe too much…

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