Business Guru Spills His Weird Secret to Avoid Working!

Never before heard…

My business guru just spilled a long-held secret of his.  He shared with me how he successfully avoided work…and still got paid!

Have you ever heard that job stands for Just Over Broke?   

If you think about it…the majority of Americans who have jobs, are just over broke.  Why do people tolerate this?  Have we slid into such a state of melancholy that we are just going along for the ride? 

The secret that my business guru told me was so unorthodox…I could not believe it until I experienced it for myself! 

Because of that, I could not share it before now!  But first…

In his bestselling book The Three Signs of a Miserable Job, Patrick Lencioni quotes a Gallup poll finding that 70 percent of American workers don’t like their jobs. According to Lencioni, “The primary source of job misery and the potential cure for that misery resides in the hands of one individual—the direct manager.”

He also reveals three existing conditions that can create a miserable working environment:

  • Anonymity…the feeling that employees get when they realize their manager has little interest in them as a human being.
  • Irrelevance…an evolving process that is demonstrated by employees not seeing how their job makes a difference in the lives of others.
  • Immeasurable Self-Assessment…the inability of employees to visualize their own successful contributions.

Here are four simple tricks to make yourself happy at work and avoid burnout…

Use trapped downtime… 

If you’re at risk of burnout from boredom, find ways to fill trapped downtime with something enriching or uplifting.  Challenge yourself!  Focus on developing your creativity.  Spend time developing your social media skills. Begin reading that personal development book that has been sitting on your shelf!

Learn to say no in a polite and professional manner… 

You know your workload and capacity better than anyone else.  When you’re in danger of burnout from overwork, start saying no!  No is merely a two-letter, one-syllable word.  It does not mean that I don’t like you or what you have to say.  It is just no.

Prioritize your time and develop the skills to complete those tasks first… 

A great organizational hack is to work in time-blocks.  Use your to-do list in Outlook or Google Calendar to stay on top of individual tasks.   Guard the borders of your time in a polite, respectful manner.  Sticking to your plan throughout the day will give you a sense of accomplishment.  Consistency and persistency will win the race.

Do not be afraid to show your human side… 

When something seems unethical, speak up.  When something seems counterproductive, offer a solution.  When something completely sinks your job morale, share your concerns.  

When managers see your more personable side, their opinion of you will change.  They will not see you as just another employee.  They will see you as a leader…as the conscientious and dedicated professional you have become. 

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P.S.  About that long-held secret of how my business guru avoided work and still got paid?  Time management! 

He knew the importance of delegation and time management.  He would go in to the office each morning.  He would assign tasks to his assistant…make a couple of calls and then hit the ski slopes for the rest of the day.  He followed this routine, day in and day out. 

He understood and valued the secret to having a great personal assistant!

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