Work Hard…So You Can Play Even Harder!

Are YOU tired of working 80 hrs a week? YOU deserve better…YOU owe it to YOURSELF! It is TIME to work hard…so YOU can play harder! YOU have challenges…WE have solutions! Contact US right now… #hustle #alwayspushthrough #workhardplayharder #success#millionairemindset #unleashthebeastwithin

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How Four Weird Books Changed Me…Forever!

The Funnel Hacker Life

Four weird books did this to me…It really happened! Back in December…this is an actual photo of what happened when I received my Click Funnels books in the mail! I still get amped up over them! I have a whole library of books by Russell Brunson… Expert Secrets Dotcom Secrets The Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook 30…

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Weird Secret Gets You Hired…Perfect For Your Resume!

Are you frustrated with your job search? Is your resume preventing you from getting an interview? You spent numerous late night hours, preparing your RESUME and cover letter. You send out your RESUME over and over again…too many times to count, and no one EVER responds back? Rude, eh? Sound like a familiar story? I…

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Five Ways You Can Become a Trusted Authority

The competitive nature of today’s business climate makes it imperative that you establish yourself as the trusted authority.   I am going to show you five simple and powerful ways that I use to establish myself as a trusted authority.  You can implement these today…even if few people know who you are.   But first,…

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My life as a Direct-Response Copywriter

  From the Desk of  Martin Casper ~ AWAI Circle of Success Member.   My life as a copywriter began in 2008, when blogging was the up and coming thing.   Without any kind of formal training to become a copywriter, I launched my first website.  I began to craft various articles with the expectation that they…

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Writers…Understand Your Marketing

Writers should understand the strategic importance of having a marketing plan in place that ignites success. How many really understand how to create one?  How many writers understand the niche they wish to target?  How many writers understand the importance of developing: a 90-day, 6 month, 1 year, & 5 year plan(s) to successfully capitalize…

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