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[highlight]Healthcare Industry[/highlight]


healthTwo doctors run into each other at a medical conference.  “Hey there, have you rolled out the new ICD-10 at your facility yet?” asks the first doctor.  “No, I only see a D-9 grading our parking lot,” replies the second doctor.

If you didn’t find that refreshingly humorous, then chances are you’ve been jaded by years of dull and uninteresting copywriting for the health care profession.  No one is expecting humor within copywriting, especially the health care profession, but you have to admit that it did get your attention.  As professional copywriters, we understand the critical and unique approach that healthcare demands, but it doesn’t have to be sterile and uninteresting.  The failure to engage the reader due to unintended vagueness, over-the-top sterile, and monastic rhetoric are just a few of the many challenges that beset healthcare content.

You need healthcare content that captivates!  Urban62 Marketing approaches the business of the healthcare industry with an attitude and a vision of unstoppable energy that embraces their challenges and rewards.  Whether you’re looking to optimize for the search engines, grow your practice, or market a product that requires a unique approach…our healthcare content will always be compelling yet simple to understand.

We provide copywriting services that make you stand out from the competition.  Whether it is providing fresh new content to your website, social media platform, or newsletters for your patients, we will provide original content that is thought-provoking, dynamic, and speaks to your audience.

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handsYour firm’s rate growth rate has been crazy.  Everything you have done has been blessed with the Midas touch.  You have added 2 new product lines over the last six months and you have had to double your warehouse size.  This is your moment!  You need to publish your success to the world, but you are not sure if what you want to say will do justice to the success that you have burgeoned.

You remember that last internal memo that you wrote and how it was received with a yawn.  It sounded like the letter that your sister wrote last Christmas that chronicled her family’s last 365 days.  You realize that you need to really nail this success in the form of an adrenaline-injected newsletter that builds momentum and keep pushing through.

At Urban62 Marketing, we clearly see your dilemma and have the solution at the tip of our pen.  We create the type of excitement that can only be felt by a newsletter that jumps off the page so high it almost knocks the glasses off the face of the reader.  This is writing mojo at its best.  Don’t allow this success to slip through your fingers by creating a newsletter that is no more powerful than a double dose of Melatonin to help you go to sleep.  It is time to make a statement!

Outsourcing your newsletter to our copywriting experts will insure that you create that explosive buzz in your newsletter that becomes the “must read” of the month.  Your newsletter copy will be immersed in a healthy dose of what people want to know, as well as what they need to know.  Better yet, we will make sure that they clearly understand how your news translates into their success.  I want to make one thing clear on this: we love to boast about your success, but we boast in such a way that engages your readers and makes them want more!

Are you interested in compelling newsletters that shoot the moon, or would you rather stick to the tried and true method that barely make the recycle bin?  I already know that you want to shoot the moon, so click here to connect and let’s get started today!


[highlight]The Elevator Pitch[/highlight]


ele“Which floor are you stopping at?

Your firm is looking for growth.  You are aggressively looking for clients, JV partners, or capital investment.  You just got invited to a weekend convention of investors and entrepreneurs.  As you were attending the opening night gala, you suddenly found yourself face to face with the head of a major wall-street investment firm and you are on the hot seat.  You have 30 seconds to nail it…Go!

No matter what your need is: when you are on the hot seat, in the shark tank, or in a major sales pitch meeting, you are in a zero tolerance zone for stuttering and stammering.  Your elevator had better be heading to the top floor (or at least the same one as the person you are wanting to impress) at warp speed and you’d better be seeing a lot of smiles and nodding heads.

The elevator pitch that you want has the chilling accuracy of the world’s greatest sniper, as well as the speed and accuracy of a Cobra.  Both are deadly and both rarely miss.  Urban62 Marketing understands this need and has the mojo to deliver.  We will craft you a pitch that will attract even the most critical listener.  This will be your freeze frame, blow-by-blow insertion of adrenaline that paints the picture of how everyone who connects with you comes away stunned and amazed.

Do it right, and your listener might just forget to get off on his floor.  Do it exponentially and your listener will take you to the top floor.  If you’re looking to wow them to their knees in less than 60 seconds, then connect with us right here and we will build your view from the top.


[highlight]White Paper Writing[/highlight]


images2White papers give you credence and help you become established as a trusted authority.  White papers play an important part in lead generation.  White papers are an essential element of sustainable business growth.  If you are attempting to craft your own white paper, you could be going about it in the wrong way and can easily create that negative social buzz…not the direction you want to take.

Too many white papers seem like they just popped out of a college chemistry class.  They could be informative, but are typically very uninteresting (No offense if you are a chemistry buff).  Often, they say almost nothing that is meaningful or thought provoking.  There can be a lot of vanilla on top of what I call pseudo-intellectualism.  In common speak this is a lot of words that go nowhere, all the while ignoring the real risk that no one will read them.

White papers must be engaging.  They need to be thought provoking and create that social buzz that encourages the reader to connect further.  Plainly stated…at Urban62 Marketing, we provide that type of white paper venue that builds interest and provides the “Value Added Benefit” (VAB) to your business.  We write white papers that provide intrigue, deliver value, engage, and reflect while keeping a professional edge that makes the audience clearly understand the level of expertise that your firm represents.

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