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imagesCreative and sustainable copywriting can appear to be a very simple undertaking.  However, upon taking a closer look you will see that behind that veiled visual you will find insights, intention, strategic revisions, and crucial decisions that play an important part in the sustainable success of professional copywriting.

At Urban62 Marketing, we strongly feel that creative copywriting that converts is what enables you to focus on what your do best in your business.  Think of us as hired pens…your secret weapon.  We bridge that critical gap between you and your readers by providing solutions that awaken powerful emotions…emotions that propel actions and those actions produce results.

We can craft powerful business proposals, thought-engaging blog posts, and bring websites to life by writing copy that engages and sustains.  Masterful writing does far more than tell a story.  It shows creativity and demonstrates authentic leadership.  This type of writing engages critical thinking, while providing an excitement that lingers long after it’s read.

Some copywriters take your words and curate them in a cool and streamlined way.  Their copywriting may be grammatically correct with perfect syntax but the content really isn’t that much different from what you could create by your self.  If this type of expertise best fits your mantra, then quite possibly we would not be a good fit for your services.

The expertise of Urban62 Marketing extends far beyond the use of proper grammar and associated syntax.  We deliver hardcore strategies and insights.  Every engagement begins with a strategy session that focuses on creating a clear picture of the solutions that directly relate to your business goals.  Taking this perspective gives us the tools that we need to formulate the proper strategy to create client engagement by taking the fragmented, disparate messages, and decipher what is crucial to the end game.  At that point, we curate them into a message that mesmerizes your audience in a way that keeps them on point and laser-focused so that they have no choice but to act.

There is no better time than right now to begin creating the type of copywriting that engages and sustains, so click here  and let’s get started!