Discover The Ugly Secrets About Social Media That No One Talks About…

Is it possible to make authentic connections and friends, on social media?

In this digital era, we have become so fixated with our online status that we forget the importance of true friendship.  This is not healthy!

Is it possible to develop or maintain true friendships in the world of social media…especially where over 2.2 Billion people attend the Facebook party on a monthly basis?  That is just one social media platform.

Have we gotten so text, smartphone and tablet oriented, that we forget how it feels to be a human? 

I admit that I am guilty of this as well as many of you…

It is so convenient to hide behind our computer screens where we have control.  Maybe I should re-phrase that…where we think we have control. 

I am one who loves and fully embraces technology along with everything it brings to the table.  But one thing truly concerns me…we do not authentically communicate.  We hardly even talk on the phone anymore.  Could this complete digital world immersion become a major source of divisiveness within our professional lives? 

What about our personal relationships? 

As many as 50% of first-time marriages end in divorce.  With the current economic situation and rising debt, that statistic is likely to rise.  Most often the breakdown in relationships of any kind begins with communication problems.  People do not sit down and talk.  They seem incapable of having a real one-on-one discussion without their electronic device being involved.

I have seen numerous examples of this…

I have seen families with their kids in public places…no one is talking.  Everyone is glued to their digital screen.  I have seen husbands and wives in restaurants, hardly speaking…glued to their digital screens throughout most of the evening.

Is it possible to reverse the communication breakdown by utilizing social media platforms? 

As marketing professionals, we frequently use video chat in various forms.  Why not encourage a more in-depth use of live video calls to enhance communication?  Why not pre-empt the breakdown that can be seen with more traditional methods such as email and text messaging? 

Can we develop new, authentic friendships on social media? 

Can we build on our current social media connections and make them into true, authentic friends?  Are you willing to make yourself more vulnerable on social media and form true, authentic connections?  Is it possible to make personal relationships, such as marriages, better by utilizing these forms of communication to augment our fast-pace lifestyles? 

Maybe it is time that we re-think some of our communication patterns.  Maybe we can be more creative and empowering in the way we foster relationships.  Maybe we really can develop true, authentic relationships on social media

What do you think?

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