Five Simple and Effective Ways to Choose Your “Real Estate Business Partner”

What type of research do you engage in when it comes to choosing your realtor aka real estate business partner?

In our over-driven, technology-oriented, fast-paced lifestyle, we often overlook simple time-proven strategies that can be the basis for building a business relationship.  This proves true for any business, but it often gets ignored in the real estate industry.


Buyers and sellers will sometimes choose an agent based on the number of signs that they see having that agent’s picture and contact information.  They may ask Uncle Joe who sold them their home without asking any questions.  I call this the “emotional quick trust” style of choosing a realtor.  There are numerous other ways that people will use to choose a realtor, but I want to focus on five simple but effective ways to choose a real estate business partner, or any business partner for that matter.

You notice that I said “real estate business partner”?  I feel very strongly that a healthy relationship with your realtor is more like a business partnership. Remember, you want to do business with people that you “know, like, and trust”, so it is important for you to do your own due diligence in order to make an empowering decision, thereby putting yourself in the best position to succeed.

Here are five simple, but effective ways to choose your real estate business partner:

  • Website –
  • Google Reviews –
  • Referral –
  • Phone Call & Response Time –
  • Face to Face Interview –

Website – The realtors website is their electronic billboard.  This is a great place to begin your research.  Is their website professional?  Look at their picture and their bio to get a feel for what they are all about.  Do they have any blog posts?  Read a couple of them to get an understanding of their thought process.  Do they have social media sites and are they active?  Real estate is a people business, so you want to see the perspective agent as being a “real estate business partner”.

Google Reviews Google is a great place to go to learn about your perspective “real estate business partner”.  If it is online, Google will find it.  One thing to understand is the absence of reviews does not mean anything good or bad.  It just means that no one has chosen to write a review, but googling” the realtor will provide you with a good snippet of the type of activity they are engaging in via the online space.

Referral – This is always a great confidence builder.  Knowing someone who has had previous experience with a realtor can give you great insights into how they might operate in a variety of situations.  But a word of caution; not every realtor will have good chemistry with each and every individual.  Sometimes, there can be a personality clash without it being the fault of the realtor or the individual.  It is just a differing thought process. In other words, take comments into consideration but do not let them override your own judgment.

Phone Call and Response Time – Here is one of my favorites.  Make a phone call, leave a message and see how long it takes the realtor to respond.  There is no reason that an agent should not return a call within 1 hour.  In our day and age of technology, every realtor should be able to return a call within 1 hour even if they are telling the individual that they cannot talk right now and give them a time that they (the realtor) will call them back.  There are always a few exceptions to bear in mind: emergency, out of cell service, or the realtor is in an important, closed door meeting, etc.

Face-to-Face Interview – This is another one of my favorite strategies to help choose a “real estate business partner”.  I am not necessarily referring to sitting down for a cup of coffee at your nearby Starbucks as most people do not have that kind of time.  Take 5-10 minutes out of your day to schedule a call on Face Time or do a “Hangout” on Google+.  This is a very efficient way to have the “face-to-face” chat with your perspective “real estate business partner”Ask them direct questions.  Watch their body language.  Look them in the eyes.  Using the “face-to-face” interview process will give you powerful insights as to whether you can begin to build that necessary trust relationship that is so vital to a successful business partnership.

Five simple, but effective steps that will help you choose a “real estate business partner”.  Start today by using these empowering tools to begin to build a “real estate business partner” relationship today.