Five Weird Ways You Can Avoid Drowning!

Don’t let your bucket list knock you over!

“My life has been one long obstacle course with me as the biggest obstacle”

~ Jack Paar

In the movie The Bucket List, two terminally ill older gentlemen make a list of all the things they want to do before they die. 

Many items on the list seemed impossible…

Skydiving, riding motorcycles on the great wall of China, and flying over the North Pole.  Even their families thought they were nuts! 

Why do you think it took a terminal illness to push these men to get out of their comfort zone…to do things they never thought possible?  They didn’t let their fear get in the way! 

Can you identify with these five weird ways that can drown your success?

Common mistakes that derail us from our dreams and plans…

  • Listening to erroneous advice from others.
  • You’re afraid to try something new…afraid of failure.
  • You worry about what others may think.
  • You like your comfort zone a little too much.
  • You tell yourself you don’t have time. 

Did you know that Laura Ingalls Wilder didn’t write her famous Little House on the Prairie until she was in her 60’s?  Mahatma Gandhi walked 200 miles when he was 61.  He did that to protest the salt tax, the British had imposed on the people of India.

Every worthwhile endeavor will have obstacles! 

Recognizing obstacles is the first step to overcoming them!  You will feel a true sense of empowerment when you have succeeded.  Each accomplishment produces a strength and passion…which you might not recognize in yourself.  Each accomplishment will open a door to more success!

I challenge you to make your own bucket list!

Identify anything and everything that stands in your way!  Use your own bucket list as an accountability partner.  Use this bucket list to drive success. 

If you don’t try it, you’ll never know how amazingly great your life can become!

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