Why Information Provides the Platform for Entrepreneurial Success…

Understanding why information is the key to unlocking entrepreneurial success is vital to building any business.  Often times, entrepreneurs focus their energy on the sale of their product(s) rather than being the information conduit to their prospective clients.  This is a big mistake.


The most successful entrepreneurs focus on providing value first, then concentrate on the sales later.  In the industry, we call it providing “Value Added Benefit”, or “VAB” for short.  In our era of modern technology, the internet, along with instant communication, clients are educated, savvy, and well-informed prior to engaging anyone for service.


If an entrepreneur wishes to engage this type of clientele, they must clearly understand the client.  To do this, requires research.  They need to be able to provide the solution to the clients challenge upon first engagement.  Providing valuable information is the foundational key to building the relationship that culminates in this engagement.


Information that provides value is the key to entrepreneurial success.  Providing valuable information prior to engaging in any type of sales strategy builds positive relationships that are founded upon trust.  These powerfully forged relationships provide the building blocks to sustainable entrepreneurial success.

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