My life as a Direct-Response Copywriter


From the Desk of  Martin Casper ~ AWAI Circle of Success Member.


My life as a copywriter began in 2008, when blogging was the up and coming thing.


Without any kind of formal training to become a copywriter, I launched my first website.  I began to craft various articles with the expectation that they would magically drive traffic to my site.  This traffic would produce revenue in the form of affiliate commissions.  This was an unsuccessful venture at best.


But…this failed attempt was probably my biggest success! 


Right now, you are probably thinking…success, really?  Stick with me for a few minutes.  Let’s fast-forward the clock a few years.


I never gave up on my dream of becoming a copywriter… 


In 2014, I purchased AWAI’s “The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting” with much anticipation.  I groaned and complained about doing rote writing, just like you!  I fought through the assignments with high hopes.


Life gets in the way…


I got distracted and did not complete the program.  I joined AWAI’s Circle of Success in 2016.  Re-energized, I hit it hard…got in on the ground floor of the Advanced Training.  I was on a roll!


Then, life got in the way…again! 


More distractions.  Sound familiar?  I was not giving up on my dream of becoming a copywriter!  (I am blessed to have a very patient wife who shares and believes in my dream)


The tipping point came in the spring of 2016!   


Joshua Boswell was promoting his course, “Launch Your Writer’s Life in a Day”.   I chose to attend virtually.  Joshua had some required reading to complete prior to the beginning of the seminar.  One of the required books was transformational!  This one book completely changed my life!  It was “The Slight Edge”, by Jeff Olson.


As I read this book, I felt like I was watching a movie of the chapters of my life.  I discovered tactics and strategies to eliminate negativity.  I learned how to remain laser-focused on achieving my goals.  Because of what I learned in “The Slight Edge”, I have become a more positive person (even when life gets in the way)!  This book inspired me to open my mind to incorporating Joshua’s powerful strategies for success!


My wife was amazed at the shift in my mindset.


Almost immediately, new opportunities to write marketing copy presented themselves to me.  I chose the niche markets that I wanted to target.  I did a complete re-design of our website.  The response from our audience has been overwhelmingly positive.


To this day, I re-read the highlights of The Slight Edge on a weekly basis.  It keeps me balanced and focused.  Jeff Olson’s mantra is: “Turning Simple Disciplines into Massive Success & Happiness”.  


As a copywriter, you will not always succeed.   As a copywriter, there may be days that frustrate you. 


Take time to reflect on your “wins” during those moments of frustration.  Get back up and get into the saddle.


Don’t just live the copywriter’s live…become the copywriter’s life!


“Communication is the life of any relationship. Used properly, it is the conduit to success.” ~ Martin Casper


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