My Up and Down CrossFit Life…

Box Jumping – CrossFit


Having just joined CrossFit fourteen weeks ago as a “senior citizen”, I was tentatively excited to see if this new high-intensity workout would actually work for me! Initially, I had no interest in CrossFit.  You see, I thought it was only for ego-centric body builders…not for someone like me!

Boy…was I wrong!

I never intended to be a body builder…I was a marathon runner (or used to be) who thrived on clearing my head out on a run! However, because of some chronic injuries over the past few years, I was forced to re-evaluate my beloved method of training.  My husband had been talking about CrossFit for months.  He had been trying out some “seal-fit” type training at home and at our local gym.  After much persuasion (after-all he is a copywriter by trade…trained in the art of crafting persuasive marking copy), I decided to go with him to check it out.

Day 1 – Visiting the “Box”

The Box as a CrossFit gym is referred to, was nothing to write home about.  It was one big room with a bunch of squat racks, weights, rowing machines and mats.  The main thing I noticed right at first…

THERE WERE NO MIRRORS!  That alone was intriguing!

I learned quickly that I needed to re-learn a lot of things about fitness.  No longer was it all about cardio!  This was REAL fitness training that seemed to hit every single body part…every day! The daily expected result that I saw immediately was a lot of SORE muscles!  The coaches kept telling us to give it a couple months and to expect to be sore for a while.

“You can expect to be sore!”

They were right! However, over the next few weeks, I noticed that some of my muscles were actually getting stronger!  But, nothing to write home about yet!  Getting to know the CrossFit family and encouraging each other has been an added bonus to the daily fitness routine.  It wasn’t long before I was looking forward to going to the Box every day!

My first set-back

Just when I was starting to get in the groove, I injured my right foot and couldn’t bear weight without pain! I worried that any gains I had made in the past ten weeks would be lost and I would have to start all over again.  A visit to the Podiatrist only added to my angst as he prescribed a post-surgical shoe for me to wear over the next four weeks.

How could I work out with a boot on my foot?

I started looking online for stories about CrossFit injuries and remedies for modifying each exercise.  The encouragement I found through numerous stories jolted me out of my depression and re-energized me to find ways to modify each workout or WOD (workout of the day) so that I could keep up my daily fix.  I discovered that there were many people with much worse injuries than mine who continued with their CrossFit training by applying modifications until their injuries were healed! The benefits far outweighed the option to sit on the couch for four weeks!

No Couch-Potato For ME!

So here I am at day #3 with a boot on my foot getting ready to hit the box for my new “MOD WOD”.

Stay tuned for my success story!



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