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Published Article

Published Content Marketing Article (Healthcare) - Flooring Journal

Above Healthcare Article was published in Summer 2018 Edition of Flooring Contractor.  I wrote this article that was authored by Wagner Meters. (copy and paste the link)

Published Perfusion Paper

Above Healthcare Article was written and authored by myself.  It was published in the Spring 1988 edition of the "Journal of Extra-Corporeal Technology".

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Above Healthcare Article was authored by Judy I. Terry, HIM Professional - MPH.

Real Estate Listing Remarks

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Landing Pages

Landing Page - Entrepreneurs 9 Weeks

Sales letters

Sales Letter Five Star Gourmet Restaurant pdf

Email Campaigns

Email Announcement - Smart Logger

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Content Marketing Articles

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Content Marketing Article - Orion 950 (Article)

Content Marketing Article - Install Hardwood Flooring Over Concrete

Content Marketing Article - Install Engineered Wood Flooring on Concrete

Content Marketing Article - Can Concrete Absorb Water

Press Releases

Press Release - Living Where You Sell - column style with photos

Press Release Orion - 2018

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Product Description - Orion 950


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