Why Your Real Estate Firm is Losing Out…

Your real estate firm is “losing out…”


Now that is a bold statement to make…or is it? According to Entrepreneur Weekly, Small Business Center, Bradley University, University of Tennessee Research has a report dated January of 2014 that defines the success rate for real estate firms still operational after 4 years. They report that 58% of real estate firms are still operational, which initially sounds good but then the glaring truth hits you right in the face…42% failed.


On which side of the spectrum could you be falling and why? When was the last time that you evaluated your short and long-term goals? When was the last time that you critically analyzed your marketing plan? When was the last time that you reviewed your customer service protocol? When was the last time that you sent past clients a survey asking them to rate your service?


I would like to highlight a successful real estate firm in Central Oregon that provides exceptional customer service and exudes professionalism at the highest level. They are a classic example of a firm that “does it right”. They have a clear picture of their short and long-term goals along with a marketing plan in place that supports those goals by promoting strategies to provide the best ROI possible.


This firm is Focus Realty, located in Redmond, Oregon. Principal Brokers, Matt and Zenita Lathrop consistently build a strong trust relationship with each client that continues long after the sale.


Matt’s tenure in real estate includes a decade as a full time residential realtor serving the Bend and Greater Central Oregon area. Matt and his wife, Zenita, started Focus Realty in 2008. Matt is widely known as a skilled problem solver and a highly successful negotiator. Much of Matt’s success is largely due to his extensive knowledge of the construction industry that has encompassed over 20 years of sales and project management, coupled with his passion to empower each client to succeed. Matt brings an extensive variety of valuable skills to his work as your realtor.


Zenita’s background is in the accounting industry. She had a very successful career spanning 20 years, as a CPA. When Matt and Zenita opened Focus Realty, Zenita continued to use her analytical skills as the marketing manager along with being a full-time realtor. Zenita is passionate about helping clients find the right home. Zenita enjoys using her extensive knowledge of the business world to creatively market properties utilizing the latest in cutting edge technology to provide the clients of Focus Realty with world-class service.


Here is just a brief overview of how the professionals at Focus Realty are viewed by their clientele…(as noted on their website)


“According to our clients we consistently exhibited the following skills when facilitating their real estate transaction…”


Accessibility – We are accessible by your preferred method of communication. Whether it is by phone, email, text, or in person; you can rest assured that you will get timely communication.


Knowledgeable – As full time real estate brokers we know the Central Oregon market. Our skill set exceeds knowledge of inventory. With years in the construction, accounting, and business fields, we bring a multitude of experiences to benefit each client in their real estate transactions.


Proactive – We don’t wait for things to happen…we make them happen. We think ahead and utilize the latest in technology to assist our clients.


Respectful of your time We have systems in place to make your real estate transaction move as smoothly as possible. We are not into wasting your time or ours.


Negotiation – We are not afraid to negotiate on your behalf. By utilizing a skill set developed from years of negotiation coupled with a genuine interest in helping our clients succeed we are problem solvers and great advocates for our clients.


Communication – Our clients love the fact we keep in contact and continue to advise them through their entire real estate transaction and beyond. 


Focus Realty is an excellent example of those real estate firms in the 58th percentile. These are real estate firms that empower and engage…firms that are winning.


Is your firm winning or are they “losing out”?

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