Secret Key to Building a Tribe…

Buried For Over 2000 Years!

Entrepreneur recently discovers the long lost key to building a a successful tribe of followers has been lying buried in biblical history!

You want to create a massive tribe of followers, right?  You want to develop an email list that provides long-term growth…   

You are stuck and not sure how to do it! 

Sound familiar?  Just like you, I have been there…stuck and confused!  You have been told that you should set up your website.  Then build out your social media accounts…

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn

You are feeling completely overwhelmed!  So…stop right here and take a deep breath.

Go ahead…let’s step back a little and get a better perspective.  Fair enough?

The development of your blog and social media sites, are all just techie problems with fairly simple solutions.  They are tools that help you along the way, but they do not provide the pathway to a long list of followers…your tribe.

I see this scenario in so many newbie bloggers.  Like you…I made these same mistakes! 

I got passionate and went full throttle as a blogger, when I first learned about online marketing.  One of my original mentors told me to just start producing good content…and I would pick up the concepts as I went along.  

Well…that was only half of the solution! 

The other half…the most important part, is to understand the back story of building a tribe.  The real keys to successfully building a massive list of followers!  Followers who will focus on every word that comes out of your mouth.  Those are your tribe!

As I progressed through the online learning curve, one day I started to re-read one of my favorite books…the Bible. 

I went back and read the Four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John)…then proceeded to dive into the Acts of the Apostles.  As I reflected on the lives of Jesus and His twelve apostles, I began to fully understand the concepts of tribal development.

Two-thousand years ago, Jesus went and convinced twelve men to follow Him.  Actually…He did not have to convince them at all!  He called them and they left whatever they were doing to follow Him.  What followed, quite literally turned the then-known world upside down.  It was an unstoppable movement of empowered men following their tribal leader…Jesus Christ, the Son of God

Amazingly powerful, isn’t it?  Do you think you could find a better mentor?

Earlier today, I was talking with one of my mastermind colleagues and friends.  We were discussing different strategies to developing more income streams. 

We both agreed that incorporating Christianity into the online world has been long overdue.

In a Facebook group, another highly successful, online marketer made the comment that Jesus was the original network marketer.  We all know that He is far more than that!  What is really cool is how His comp plan differs from any other! 

His comp plan is the best ever and…it is 100% FREE! 

He asks you to follow Him!  All you have to do is accept.  It is that simple!

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