Seven Secrets to Successfully Grabbing Your Niche

As entrepreneurs, we are constantly analyzing and reshaping our marketing plans. We are looking for the golden thread to success that will catapult us into the famous five percentile. The fact that we are “looking” could play a larger role than we think when it comes to “wheel spinning”. We need to stop looking and move forward. We need to avoid the syndrome called the “paralysis of analysis”.


I am going to give you seven simple steps to successfully grabbing your niche that will enable you to take what you have previously learned and commit it to action.


Know Your niche


Have a clear understanding of your target market. It is vitally important to be able to define your potential client’s problem and provide a solution prior to connecting with them.


Define Your Niche’s Demographics


Unless you spend the proper amount of time researching the demographics of the niche that you wish to connect with, you may completely miss the mark. Many entrepreneurs launch an aggressive campaign only to find out that the revenue invested is not bringing them a good ROI. This is because they did not properly research the demographics to make sure that they were providing themselves with the proper information. They give up all too soon without realizing that if they would have focused their energy on the foundational aspects at the beginning, the results would have been far more positive.


Engage to Provide Value…Not Sell


Gone are the days of the hard sell. We still see entrepreneurs working that angle, but it is not the direction the top people in the industry are headed. The key to real engagement is to provide value. Today’s consumers are savvy and smart. They do their own research online prior to purchasing. They have done all the comparison tests and have a clear understanding of their baseline needs. Entrepreneurs must provide value and not be concerned about the amount of information that they “give away”. Having the confidence to project this value will empower you to build stronger, more long-lasting relationships within your niche.


Create Products that Answer the Call


Providing that strong value in your marketing campaign must be followed up with products that answer the call. These are products that conform to the needs of the niche demographic that you are connecting with. This may seem to be very simplistic, but often is the case that entrepreneurs miss this completely while focusing on what they think the client needs. That is the problem; focusing on what is perceived rather than what is really needed.


Provide First Class Customer Service


Even in today’s competitive market, customer service seems to be long forgotten. I rarely see even adequate follow-up, let along really taking care of someone with a problem. It is amazing. You want success? Provide your clientele with premium first class service. Begin by returning phone calls and emails in a timely manner. Provide your clientele with a return policy that makes sense. Put yourself in their shoes. Consumers are really looking for entrepreneurs who treat them in a polite, professional manner.


Adjust Your Marketing Plan to Fit the Niche


As you are moving forward through your marketing campaigns, you might find that adjustments need to be made. Do not hesitate to do this. The most successful entrepreneurs realize the importance of micro-adjustments to a campaign during the engagement period. This requires a multi-task approach to understanding the niche as well as your exit strategy in order to maximize both engagement and efficiency.


Get Started and Do It!


Have confidence in your plan. As my good friend Kenneth Manesse Sr, small business coach and founder of Join the 5%, says “plan the work and work the plan”. Stop getting ready to get ready and do it!


There is no “golden thread to success”. It encapsulates using a good common sense approach along with simple but effective strategies to leverage engagement as well as the ROI that you desire. I always liked what Thomas Edison said, “genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”. This applies to any level of success in life.