Simple Strategies That Boost Social Media Engagement

Have you defined the proper strategies that will improve the level of your social media engagement?

Are you incorporating IMG_1056those strategies in order to drive traffic and sales? Have you figured out how your audience decides what it wants to click, share, favorite, or purchase? If you are not engaging those strategies then how are you planning for success?

These are questions that entrepreneurs should always ask themselves. If you are an employee, these are questions that you could face from your boss. There is a lot for marketers to discover. Having a basic understanding of human behavior will give you clues into how your audience will choose to engage. I want to give you some simple strategies that will boost social media engagement.

Personal Value Always Ranks High

When we take ownership in something, we tend to place a higher value on that object than it is really worth. If we choose to sell, typically we will want more for it than its real value. The same goes for your customers. They will attribute a higher value to things that they own. A good idea to encourage them to increase their ownership in your brand or services is to ask them to provide testimonials or some type of positive feedback.

Reciprocity is an Obligatory Response

A kind, unselfish, attitude creates an environment that attracts opportunities and builds trust. When this is created, there is an almost uncanny, obligatory response that results in value.

Framing for Success

Our reaction to a given situation depends upon our perception of loss or gain. If at all possible, frame your content positively. This gives your readers a definitive ability to see a clear gain.

Exposure Builds Confidence

The more a client is exposed to your products or services; there is a greater chance that they will like it. Don’t be afraid to repeat your message within social and online venues as this can directly affect those around you.

Encourage Toe-Dangling

When prospects are initially asked to make a small commitment, there is a higher likelihood that they will agree to a larger request later. For example, the more that they click open your emails, the greater the chance that they may engage with you further.

Consistent Strategies Win

Keeping consistent in your message is a key element to success. It may require adaptation to reach your audience. It is important to assist clientele’ to create that expectation of what they want to learn. Give them an abundance of value…more than they expect. This will enhance their desire to sign up for recommended tools and training. The importance of a consistent approach cannot be overstated. Above all, be passionate and energetic.

As Robert Frost stated, “Talking is a hydrant in the yard, and writing is a faucet upstairs in the house. Opening the first takes the pressure off the second.”

Being consistent as well as offering various options that frame for success will keep your audience engaged and looking for more valuable information. Building that engagement is key to success. Without passion, everything loses its momentum and vibrancy…


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