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[highlight]Social Media Strategic Plan[/highlight]


marker-illustrationThis is your personal road map for your effective community and brand interaction.  In order to be successful, you need a team that will conduct a thorough digital marketing analysis, develop a digital media optimization strategy that is unique to your needs, and walk you through the implementation of that strategy in order to appreciate measurable results, so you don’t commit SMS (Social Media Suicide).

Consumers are likely searching for you.  Can they find you?  What will be their first impression?  Here is the challenge.  How does your brand leverage the numerous multimedia and digital marketing channels to build awareness?  What strategies do you employ to capture market share, add new customers and increase sales?  How do you know if your online marketing is effective in one area and perhaps very ineffective in another?  Without this knowledge, you are effectively creating an environment that is fostering SMS (Social Media Suicide).

Are you confused on how to get started and where to spend your time and energy online?  We will guide you on your social media journey!  We will assist with social media sites such as; Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and more.  We’ll show you the most effective tools and systems that you need to put in place right now, in order to effectively manage those sites in the shortest amount of time each day and maximize your ability to drive traffic & increase sales.


[highlight]The Expert Strategic Planning Process[/highlight]


social mediaSocial Media Market Research – A proper audit and detailed research provides valuable information about your social brand name, your competitors and target market interaction, culture and voice.

Strategic Planning and Collaboration – Setting the stage to develop your strategic plan for social marketing success.  This incorporates conceptual thought, and strategically assimilates the road-map for best practices.

Develop Your Social Plan  – Here is where it all begins.  You are provided with a map for developing brand interactions on the social web.  We show you how to optimize and implement this strategy to increase awareness and get achievable business results.

Measurement and Improvement – A critical aspect of our expert strategic planning process is showing you how to effectively measure your results.  It is very important t0 understand the different variables involved with social media, in order to make necessary adjustments in your marketing plan to best augment your goals and maximize success.

Social Media Training – Do you love to use Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Linked-In, and Twitter, but aren’t quite sure how to use it for business or what to do once you have your social media channels set up?  Would you like to get ranked in the search engines and have targeted prospects be connecting with you today?  Of course you would…

Are you feeling like you should be doing something with social media, but are a little afraid it might be a complete waste of time?  Let our team help!  Connect with us for your FREE no obligation, 30″ strategy session today!

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[highlight]Social Media Training[/highlight]


HiResOur uniquely crafted Social Media Strategic Plan gave you a strategy for success.  Now, let us serve you by being your guide on that social media highway.  We do this by training you and your staff.  Do you have your own plan already developed?  We’ll evaluate your plan, answer your questions and mentor you to a level of success you never thought possible with social media.

We discover ideas and opportunities.  We recommend how a simple system that you can implement in one hour per day can generate massive results.


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