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Weird Technique That Peels Fat Off Your Body!…(HIIT Fitness Training)

High-Intensity-Interval-Training (HIIT fitness training).  Now that is a tongue-twisting mouthful for sure! Is this just another New Year’s resolution fad?  Could this be a better way to train your body? HIIT fitness training is a type of interval training that alternates short periods of intense exercise with short recovery periods.  They are usually less than…

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My CrossFit Life…The Ups and Downs of Modification!

My CrossFit Journey… Despite being in a protective boot and modifying just about every CrossFit workout for the past three weeks…I get more bad news! A repeat visit to my Podiatrist and a MRI of my foot tells the story.  I am told that I have two stress fractures in my foot and will have…

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