Real Estate agents understand the importance of formulating a marketing plan for success, but how many clearly understand how to create one?  How many real estate agents understand the niche they wish to target?  How many real estate agents understand the importance of developing a 90-day, 6 month, 1 year, & 5 year plan with an exit strategy in mind?

If you do not have these tools developed or are not in the process of developing them then your real estate business is a hobby.  The best agents, the most successful ones have their marketing plan in play.  They know their target niche.  They have their 90-day, 6 month, 1 year, & 5 year plan developed, and yes they go back to revise it as necessary.  They then take it one step further; they “plan the work first and then work the plan to perfection”.  They use these five keys to develop their empowering real estate marketing plan.

Develop Goals and Strategies

This is the foundation of any successful business.  Take 1 hour to site down and write out every thought, desire, short and long-term goal that you may have, both personally and professionally.  No matter how trivial it may seem, and yes your professional goals are greatly influence by your personal goals.  It does not matter how disorganized your list may seem, just write!

Know your niche!  Without knowing your target niche, all this preparation and work will be of no effect.  This is a huge key to your success!

Now that you have built your list, take this list and put target dates of accomplishment.  In other words, know when you expect to have them completed.  Be bold, but not over the top on your expectations.  Don’t put down that you will make your first million dollars in 90 days.  Be realistic.

Break it down further into bullet points under your 90-day, 6 month, 1 year, & 5 year plans.  If you need to bring in additional time slots then do it.  This is your unique road map.  This is your guide to fulfilling your dreams.

Convert Your Goals and Strategies Into Actionable Plans

This is a fundamental action that many neglect to incorporate.  They will develop a beautiful marketing strategy that works in the theoretical element, but in doing so they neglected to make it truly actionable.  This is critical to your success.  This flows back to our previous article where I talked about how you need to “plan the work and work the plan”

Ask yourselves some simple questions.  Do I have the necessary steps written down to accomplish each goal?  Are they actionable goals?  Will they fulfill all the time periods as expected?  Can they become acted upon to fulfill my exit strategy?

Refine Your Goals and Strategies

You have made your list.  You have made it actionable.  You know your strategy.  You have your target niche in mind.  Take one last step and review and refine your goals and strategies.  Experts will tell you that it is always good to step back and evaluate objectively.

Now, that you understand these three important keys to developing your empowering real estate marketing plan it is time for implementation.



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