Waiting to Implement Your Real Estate Marketing Blueprint Will Prevent Success

You have made your list.  You have made it actionable.  You know your strategy.  You have your target niche in mind.  What are you waiting for?  Procrastination yields doubt and confusion, simply said.  Too often those who delay implementing their action plans end up with no action at all, or at best minimal action.

Do you remember when you first dove into the swimming pool?  What were your first thoughts?  Did you feel confident or uncomfortable?  How long did it take to build up the necessary courage to make that first dive?

There is a very simple paradigm that fits this scenario and it is made up of four elements:

  • Potential
  • Action
  • Results
  • Belief


Everyone has potential, but that potential will not yield any results without action.  Action always produces results.  Now those results could be negative, but they are still results.  The results you get from your action will build your belief.  The belief (or success factor) spawn more potential and the paradigm scenario will continue to grow as each element builds on the precious one.

My question for you is…what kinds of action are you implementing today? Are you seeing the successful results that you expect?