Web Copy


[highlight]Web Copy[/highlight]


imagesStudies have shown that you have a maximum of 3-5 seconds to capture the interest of a prospect on your website.  Whether it is a content issue or a website loading issue, if you haven’t got them within 3-5 seconds, they are gone.

A carefully crafted website hooks its readers and refuses to let go.  It intuitively engages and draws in prospects through a call to action that piques interest, trust, and a feeling of “I have to know more”.

At Urban62 Marketing, we are industry leaders that combine expertise and experience to create the written word on your site that will send an empowering message to your readers.  After we consult with you to gather insights about your audience and to formulate a clear picture of your goals and ambitions, our copywriters will then craft highly effective content that excites, enchants, and enraptures your audience.  Properly written and SEO-optimized content that grabs the attention of the search engines and helps you achieve your business goals.

If this sounds like the way you have always wanted your website to engage, then click here and let’s get started. It is time to reap the rewards of superior web content!


[highlight]Public Relations[/highlight]


Set of Internet social strategy doodle element, vector illustratUrban62 Marketing takes public relations to a new focus point, that builds on the goals and strategies that best fit your business.  We craft press kits, press releases, as well as media pitches and other types of materials that empower and demand the attention of your audience.

By choosing powerful words that subtly pull the audience toward your message, we craft an excitement that sustains.  A press release is a critical piece of information that announces a new beginning.  It is the reverie that demands attention and brings about a focus on your business, enabling you to position your brand as the trusted industry expert.  It is the trumpet blast that opens the gates to an endless supply of leads and traffic, while allowing you to expand your reach.  On the flip side, a poorly written press release can be more damaging than no press release at all.

If you are ready to break the mold in your niche and blast your message to the world, Urban62 is excited to help you along the way.  Click here and let’s get started on your journey!


[highlight]Article Ghostwriting[/highlight]


HiResYou have just launched your website and this is a very important step in getting your message to the masses.  But you’re just getting started.  You need a frequent, fresh influx of stimulating content to generate that “organic buzz”…the type of “organic buzz” that sets you apart as a trusted authority.

Do you want to rank higher on Google?  Of course you do…everyone does.  By consistently adding new content in the form of dynamically crafted online articles, Google will begin to take notice of what you’re all about and will point in your direction the individuals who are searching for products and services that you offer.

These online articles provide what marketing content cannot provide; rich, detailed information that helps your prospective customers.  A thoughtfully articulated blog with a clear message shows that you know your stuff, and can even inspire a loyal following.

This is why you need to engage the experts at Urban62 Marketing.  If you want your business to be discovered, experience a positive shift in SEO, and impress new visitors with your authoritative authenticity, then posting new articles to your online portal on a frequent basis is the way to go.

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