When I Said This…My Business Success Coach Rolled His Eyes!

I get a little crazy when I see individuals who have talent but refuse to follow through!  My business success coach just sat there and looked at me.  He then proceeded to roll his eyes and laugh.

I was stunned…he was amused. 

It really bothered me.  I really did not understand why a colleague of mine chose to not follow-through on an incredible business opportunity.  It was the opportunity of a lifetime for him…and he blew it!  My business success coach just shrugged his shoulders…

What drives people?  What makes people react the way they do?

Why do many individuals decide that the path to success is too difficult?  Choosing instead…to take an easier and less-fulfilling route? 

Why do individuals include the word but into the equation?  I would like to do this but I never have enough time.  I would like to do this but I am not smart enough.  There it is…the but word. 

When you exhibit this type of behavior, you reinforce whatever lack of confidence you already have instilled in yourself.

If you encountered a roadblock on your way home tonight, would you put a For Sale sign on your car and give up?   Of course not!  You would figure out another route to get home.  

It would never occur to you to simply give up trying to get home!   

It might take you longer, but you’d find another way.  This is because you have a crystal-clear picture of your goal…getting home!   You have unshakable confidence in your ability to achieve it.  Confidence alone without the picture won’t get you there.   Neither will the picture without a powerful belief in yourself.

Both together…are an unbeatable combination. 

The same is true of any goal you set in life.  You don’t have to know exactly how you are going to achieve it…just set the goal and go for it!

Expand your goals beyond your comfort zone… 

Hold a picture of the end-result you want.  Keep it vividly in your mind.  Refuse to give up until you achieve it!  When you accomplish this, you set a powerful process in motion (in your sub-conscious mind) that will help you understand the how

Too many of us are guilty of getting ready to get ready! 

I’ll let you in on a secret if you promise not to tell anyone, ok?  Cool!  

I have been guilty of this, just like you!

So why not incorporate this simple strategy…today?  Get off your but.  Yes, I said it!  Get off your but.  Make a focused choice to eliminate the word but out of your thoughts and actions.

Today…be the agent for change in your life!

Renew those relationships with those who matter most.  Take your professional goals to a new high.  Choose mastery in everything you set your mind to accomplish.  Become unstoppable in everything you do!  Step outside the box and get out of your comfort zone. 

Get off your but…

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