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bizThe skeptics will tell you that (B2B) copywriting has to have a certain form and attitude to be effective.  Don’t believe them.  Business-to-Business (B2B) copywriting doesn’t have to lack emotion to be effective.  In fact, that “outside of the box” attitude is often what is the most powerful card that can be played.

Content that converts sales and builds business does not have to be ensconced in the doldrums of ho-hum rhetoric, meaningless buzzwords, and columns of flat figures.  Content that converts will ignite the emotions as well as the intellect, and will establish you as the trusted authority and creates the demand for immediate action.

You may not be focused on serving consumers, but the power brokers who are considering using your business are still humans with human emotions.  We understand how to balance professionalism and inspired creativity to develop a brilliant business opportunity that demands action and produces results.

Whether you need an edgy new website copy, a cleverly crafted brochure, a corporate bio, or one of our other numerous writing services, Urban62 will position you as the industry leader by providing you with uniquely worded copy that impacts and produces results.

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HiResDo you have a focused strategy for making an authentic connection with consumers?  Do you have a clear understanding of the different types of emotions that consumers will respond to? Some consumers can be convinced by a more passive approach such as coaxing and cajoling, but that is not the way a professional copywriter creates that inspiring desire that convinces your customer that they “have to have what you have to offer”.

At Urban62 Marketing, we craft engaging, authentic, and creative content that makes consumers feel enthusiastic and eager to be involved by enabling them to visualize how much they really need your product or service.  Once you have your client at this point, the point of sale becomes easy.  Our expertise becomes your greatest asset.  Our writing is not hypnotic, seductive, generic, or boring.  It is writing that sells.  That is our commitment to you.  Our copywriting team will turn the products and services that you are offering to your clients, into something that they simply cannot live without.

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